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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mr. Dangerfist's Four Icon Challenge

We're trying to learn how to use this ds106 thing and its a bit murky. I've decided to start with the four icon assignment. I scribbled these out in MS Paint because I don't make enough money to so much as look at photoshop or buy a Mac. Also, I did this in class quickly to see if I could simply "learn by doing."

It basically works like dailyshoot, but instead of taking a picture you make a piece of artwork.

Anyway, can you guess what the movie is?


  1. Well done, and all this time I thought you were playing minesweeper during the lecture.

  2. Here's a suggestion/request - please reset the display size of your 4 icon thing in the blogger editing window. It looks even better when it's displayed at full size.

  3. You know what? I actually think this is awesome. It looks like a kid drew it but that's actually what makes it cool! With all the "professional" looking stuff we saw I think it's actually really encouraging that something like this comes along and totally fulfils the requirements. GJ!

    Also, nice to see you got the post tags right. I think a lot of people might've missed that..

  4. Yo. Just used this in the mid-term, so thanks again! :PPP

  5. When I make the image full sized the bird isn't visible because it goes beyond the right hand side of the blog's viewable space. Therefore, I just made it large and it can be clicked on for full size.

  6. I have no idea what the third icon looks like. lol