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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Train Sleeper

I decided to do the Your very own Spubble assignment from ds106 in the visual category. Although I've already done a visual post, I decided to make another because this sounded like fun.

First, I had to select a picture. I was originally thinking of using a picture of me playing bass guitar but couldn't come up with a caption. I looked through other pictures of me and decided to go with this one. I knew I had to use it and make a joke about playing Angry Birds. This picture is of me riding the train home from school. I was playing Angry Birds on my iPhone when all of a sudden I felt this person on my shoulder. I actually was so surprised by it that I shot a bird backwards out of the slingshot. I thought it was really funny so I snapped a picture. The look on my face is due to the fact that I'm trying not to bust out laughing about the whole situation. Although this sort of thing happens a lot in Japan, this was the first time it had happened to me. She slept on my shoulder for close to 30 minutes. I was hoping she had not missed her train station but she woke up in time it seems. I've noticed that after taking the trains for a while you kind of develop a "station sense."

So, given the situation, I thought it would make a funny Spubble. I downloaded the picture to my desktop and then loaded it to Picnik. Picnik has some fun photo editing options. The only problem I ran into is I couldn't get layers to go on top of each other unless I did them in order. Basically, I first typed the text and then tried to put the speech bubble under it. If there is a way to do it, I was too derp to find it. So, I deleted the text and rewrote it and put it over the speech bubble.

After it was finished I saved it to my desktop and uploaded it to my flickr. Then I typed this junk out and now you're reading it. Fin.


  1. That would NEVER happen in Oregon without someone getting arrested! You're right; that IS funny! Good job!

  2. Angry birds are angry. (`v´)#

  3. What a great story.

    Sandy, it must sound improbable over in Oregon. But Mr. Dangerfist accurately describes a commonly seen site during the commutes.

    As for me, I always abruptly adjust my seating position or begin to standup so that the adjacent sleeper is hopefully jostled awake.

    I have not Mr. Dangerfist's patience.

  4. Its not so much patience as it is pity. If someone is so worn out that they will pass out on a total stranger I think they've earned the right to sleep a little.

  5. The photo is so funny that I can actually imagine how you felt while you're on the train. It makes more interesting when I know that you were actually playing the Angry Bird then and let the woman sleep on your shoulder. Your face expression and the comments in the bubble are excellent as a portrait of Tokyo life.

  6. The other day I thought I should get some shoulder pads or something so that people can be more comfortable. My bony shoulder can't be that comfortable.

    Last week I leaned forward for a second and someone laid right on my shoulder blade. It kind of sucked because I was stuck leaning forward for like twenty minutes. Oh well, giving back to the community isn't supposed to be easy.

  7. She was beautiful? so you kept staying next to her ^^ lol